If you are aware of anything that is wrong with food to the extent that consumption may cause serious harm and you see no other way to prevent such harm, you are invited to fill in the form below. The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) will then evaluate the incident and act upon it in the most appropriate way. By submitting this anonymous form, you will not be personally identified.

Please Note: To protect your identity ensure that the information you provide is completely anonymous:

  1. do not include any details that could be used to identify you
  2. avoid using any company owned networks, smartphones or computers

Read the frequently asked questions for whistleblowers to find out how we safeguard your privacy.

By filling in this form, it is assumed that you

  1. have reasons not to report the food safety incident internally
  2. or did report the food safety incident internally but to no avail

Please be aware that the facts you provide will be checked to judge if the incident:

  1. is real and can indeed do serious harm to people's health
  2. or:
    • is intended to defame a company or individuals
    • is intended to take revenge
    • is due to misplaced humour

Provide as many details as possible about your food safety concerns, but no information that can be used to identify you.

Please answer the questions below as completely as possible!

The issue of concern is
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Has this happened before?
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Product information

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Product processing

Decontamination process used:
Radiation source used:

Product packaging

The product is packed:
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Dates printed on packaging:

Other information on the packaging:

Storage conditions

The product is stored:
Unit of temperature
Exposure to light

What is wrong?

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Wrong sanitation conditions

Where is it happening?

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Please include here any other information you want to provide or if you want to write more about the incident in your own words.
Be careful not to provide information that can be used to identify you.